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Final Grades

Progress reports were sent home on Friday.  The grades on those progress reports will be their report card grades unless missing work and/or correctives are turned in by Monday 6/6.

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Science – Both Homerooms

We have wrapped up our Forces and Motion science unit.  Both groups have taken their test and gotten their scores.  Both groups also had two class periods to do correctives on their tests.  Students have through Monday (6/6) to finish any missing assignments or correctives to improve their grades.

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Writing – Cantu HR

We wrapped up our information unit this week by writing an informational text about a topic of our choice.  The kids researched, drafted, edited, and published their work.  You can read their informational books on their blog or by going to this Padlet.

On Tuesday, we will take the “post-prompt” about informational writing.  They will write an informational text in one 45 minute setting – they are allowed to research and plan their writing ahead of time (if your holiday weekend isn’t too busy 🙂 I am excited to see just how much they have grown throughout the unit.

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We are wrapping up the year with end-of-year growth tests and reflections.  We finished up our i-Ready computer test, and the kids were excited to see their points go up.  They also did a reading test with me, and I was very impressed with the number of levels each child grew.

We also spent some time reflecting on our year in 5th grade.  We posted our reflections on a Padlet– feel free to look at your child’s thoughts about their first year at DKMS.

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Starting Monday, May 16, students will no longer have spelling homework.  The week 27 assignment that is due on Monday is their final spelling assignment for the year.